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Voice Enhancement System | a new era of communication

Voice Enhancement

Experience a new era of classroom communication with the CM100 Collar Microphone Kit. Designed to revolutionize the learning environment, this kit provides a seamless solution for boosting student engagement and optimizing information retention. With its dual high-quality microphones, it not only amplifies educators' voices but also encourages active student participation.

CM100 Collar Microphone Voice Enhancment

Revolutionize your wireless charging capabilities

Wireless Charging

The world's first intelligent and programmable wireless charging platform. Our AI-enabled software development platform enables you to easily develop Qi-compatible, high-capacity, high-power, and high-efficiency wireless charging pads that defy previous technological limits by radically decreasing charging time.Wirelessly charge multiple devices

Wireless, Contactless Charging Surface

Digital Podium | Mobile Podium

Mobile Digital Podium

GlobalXnet's wheeled base and integrated battery means you won’t need to sidestep wires during your presentation. Feel more secure if you're strapped in? Can do. The sturdy base has built-in connections for more permanent power. Multiple speakers of different heights? No problem. The Tok height can be easily adjusted with whisper-quiet motorized controls.

Battery Powered Mobile Digital Podium

Learning to Life

Present in perfect clarity with HD Resolution on 43" and 65″ screens. Interact precisely with up to 20 points of simultaneous capacitive touch and 10 points of writing. The panel’s screen detects pressure, allowing users to draw thin or thick lines. Bring the class to the screen. Choose Mini or Convertible Mobile stand that features an innovative table-top

7000XT Interactive Panel For Education


Love the idea of IFPs, but don't want to break up with your whiteboard? Meet the MAX. Use liquid chalk to write on the magnetic blackboard or even on the panel screen. The blackboard wings are great for writing, sharing notes, or showcasing work. The 8086MAX's 86" panel screen delivers stunning visuals with crystal clear 4K resolution.

8086MAX Interactive Flat Panel for Education

A New Standard

The Clear Touch® 7000XE Interactive Panel sets a new standard for education technology by combining the vibrant clarity of Ultra HD resolution with stunning performance.We build Clear Touch 7000XE interactive panels to deliver exceptional performance in any educational or business setting, and we stand behind every.

7000XE Interactive Panel For Education

In the swiftly changing technological landscape of today, staying at the forefront is imperative for educators, students, and other professionals. GlobalXnet Digital introduces a multitude of groundbreaking products that are reshaping how we go about our lives and professional activities

Interactive Technology for Education Next-level Tech Solutions

Wireless Digital Teaching Station

Powered by Intel®

All in one Digital Teaching Stations. Ready to increase student engagement? Let’s start with teacher mobility.

Your New Digital Marketing Partner

Striking Mobile Display

They never call out sick, never take a day off, and works 24/7 to drive results. Now that’s a stand-up teammate

An all-in-one Wireless Podium

eGlass transparent lightboard

Imagine never turning your back to write again! Liberate yourself from the constraints of a stationary position.

Cleartouch Headset

Featuring high-quality audio, the Clear Touch Headset is simple yet effective for online classes and virtual meetings.

Globalcom® 571 Mic Station

digital communication station for audio paging and messages

Mobile Stand

Quiet Electrical Motor ~ Supports 6000K+ & 7000XE Clear Touch® panels

Let us guide you through the top digital tech products that are propelling the World to new heights of innovation and convenience.

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